I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

After a much-needed hiatus from writing during the summer months I am returning to writing semi-frequent articles. I’ve been coding away on improvements for my system focusing on stock trading and bug fixes.

As of right now I am trading stocks on Alpaca. I am trading a trend following strategy that usually plays out over a timeline of month or so. It will be a while before the strength of my current system is determined, however until next year I am just looking to make sure the mechanics of my platform play out. Next order of business is to develop a mean reverting strategy for Q1 2022.

A majority of my changed and fixes are stuck in integration branch limbo. One thing that I realized it is incredibly important to long term software development is a thorough and well thought out test plan. This is something I am currently missing. Several times now I’ve implemented a fix and watched as all the unit tests passed and simply moved the change along only later to find a bug. I am currently working on the documentation I plan to use before merging anything into my master branch. I have continued to add features that are beyond the scope of my unit tests, and I need to make sure everything works after I bundle together multiple changes. This process will be tedious and a bit of a pain in the rear but will pay dividends in the long run.

No one likes running tests and I have a few people that I develop with that may be able to help me but ultimately, I will want to build the test into an automated process. The document will serve as a blueprint for the automated test and following it will ensure complete coverage of the many features and patches, I have implemented over the years.

With that brief look into the next year of work for myself I got to get too it. It seems every time I go in and fix an issue there is some other bug or improvement I want to make, usually having nothing to do with my bottom line and more to do with making experience of using my software better.

So much to do so little time.

Got to squeeze some fishing in there while I’m at it as well.

Enjoy the rest of your summer (or winter for you southern hemisphere folks) get outside and find your inspiration to keep on grinding!