For those who may have been looking for Quarantine Day 2 I am afraid my employer shipped me my laptop overnight and I had to get back to the daily grind from home. I get to continue working through this mess, make no mistake I am grateful for that but was still looking forward for more time to focus on this and other hobbies.

Fret not there was still work done.

I decided that I could do a little better with the support and resistance band indicator, so I did. BandList is now inherits from the Array class which lets me do all sorts of fun tricks. More importantly this cleaned up some of the very messy syntax that had to be used previous. Unit tests were written, and documentation was corrected. Spelling mistakes aside it is looking pretty good.

Now the scanner has proven a little more difficult. My time being cut shorter than anticipated I have struggled to design the engine surrounding the scanners. I’ve unit tested and implemented the Scanner class and it is about as fully featured as I would like. Questions like using a web socket versus requests, server-side config file or run time setup, and how I want to add to the already existing GUI API the new calls and processes are all still unanswered. I wrote a bunch of server side code I then needed to undo as it was to messy and disorganized to be useful. I need to really lay out the ground work before I accidently code my self into a corner and end up with a monstrosity that is near impossibly to expand on.

Decisions decisions decisions…

In times like these I find a good night sleep is as valuable as any cram session.

Stay safe out there everyone.