Well, its here! Nothing game changing or mind boggling, just my little genetic learning library.

DTC-ML Library GitHub

I wrote this to help me optimize some of my trading strategies and balance my portfolio. Its not a total replacement for manual work and research but a tool I use to aid me a long the way.

The goal is to keep adding to this in the coming months and maybe even expand it out and give it some deep learning functionality. Currently it is considerably basic but gets the job done and can be used outside of trading which is why I am making the library open source and putting it on npm.

If you do decide to use the library let me know what you think and let me know what needs fixed and what you want added. If you make anything you want to share send a tweet to @downtocrypto so I can check it out.

Thanks for stopping by I know this article was short. Next time will be a review of my trading in 2020. Spoilers… It has been a wild ride. Until then trade well, trade responsibly and keep hoping for the moon!