Strategy development on stocks is proving a rather difficult endeavor. After a long planning session with my friend and trading buddy we decided it was best to begin looking at smaller market cap stocks. Originally, I was looking at and testing on strictly S&P 500 companies. I have since moved my focus to stocks that have a bit more volatility and thus are more akin to the cryptos I cut my teeth on.

The blog watcher/twitter posting application is updated and running smoothly. Got that done shortly after publishing the last journal entry.

Goals for this Week

In my endeavors last week, I found some issues with my data. Some of it was not split adjusted and some of the minutely candles had $0 for the high, low, and close but had a price for the open. This caused some very weird occurrences in by back tests and thus needed to be fixed. I am in the middle of this now and its top of the priority list for this week.

Still going to be working strategy research and development on a 3–5-day time period for stocks. Though I do plan on deploying a few position trading strategies with 1 share sizes to ensure I work all the kinks out before going full scale.

Moving non-trading application to my pi is a lesson in "measure twice cut once". I ordered an HDMI splitter so I can toggle between my auxiliary monitor and my pi but neglected the fact that my auxiliary monitor only has DVI and VGA ports and I had recently given away my adapter. Went to the store today (Monday) and grabbed the adapter in order to keep moving forward.

Thoughts for this Week

Well, this morning opened with a bang. Shortly after I got up I realized the bots went long BTC, ETH and LINK on a breakout trade. Same one that I had entered last week on ETH and LINK and got stopped out of but that how the game works. Got to live to trade another day. I am still overall bearish on BTC in the short term, but hey I do not trade my gut I trade my systems. Regardless I am extremely interested in how these next couple of days are going to pan out as a push to 60k will hopefully stir up volatility, and let me tell you I love volatility!

Last week I had a few trades across Kraken and CBP and I even had some rare BTC quoted trades and was able to stack some much loved stas. Some new pairs are getting my attention and I intend to start back testing them soon to see if they are viable candidates to add to my portfolio. The difficulty is some of the more recently created pairs and ETH competitors have limited historical data. More on that likely next week.

Until then trade responsibly, stay safe and remember to stick to your plan!