Well, it has been a crazy few weeks in the crypto world. Prices hitting all-time highs and some wild pullbacks to boot. All of which has provided ample opportunities for my trading systems.

This month marks the beginning of the python development portion of my software. I’ve been meaning move my JS libraries into python for some time. Python provides a plethora of useful tools and resources; I am particularly interested in the use of the various notebook tools for python. I hope to use them to provide research for both myself and to share with you as articles. The first of which is coming out later this week.

If you are interested in the python library the project name is Howitzer. There was slim picking for names left and I had just finished reading an WWII article, so here we are. This has some residuals from sports betting caked into it from some work I did over the Summer. I hope to pick it back up after the NFL season comes to an end but that is a whole different venture.

Python provides super useful AI and statistical analysis tools as well. With these tools I hope to take my trading forward and into the next year.

Honestly right now I’ve been struggling to break into stock trading. Crypto provides so much movement and the market feels hyper focused in comparison to stocks. With thousands of options and data spanning decades it’s hard to filter out the noise.

I’m currently trading one very simple strategy to relative success, however I’m nowhere near as confident as with my crypto trading. Granted in the last year both had a massive upward bias, so I’m always left wondering… Is it really anything I am doing?

Existential questions aside, thank you for stopping by!

I really am going to try to be more consistent with these posts.

It’s nice to put catalog my thoughts somewhere where I can come back and look at them later, spelling mistakes and all.

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