I am almost done with the Alpaca upgrades. This thing is giving me on heck of a time.

Goals For this Week

Finish debugging the connection issues I am having with the Alpaca WebSocket. It seems if I start it too early it gets hung up and processes nothing all day. It can automatically reconnect if need be but It seems to be doormen, I may have to automatically force a reconnect if no signals are head after a minute or something to that effect.

Thoughts on the Week

Got smacked upside the head going long ETH and ADA. The bots worked flawlessly so I cannot really complain as its well inside the realm of “normal” for my trend following strategies. Most of my trend following bots are filtered off due to price being below the 200-day moving average, a simple check to see if I’m going in the direction of the over all trend. As of right now (07:30 EST) I am sitting in a mean reversion LINK-USD trade that will exit at midnight UTC time Sunday morning. Not to hopeful about this one as the last few have about break even. Nevertheless, bear markets bring volatility and as I have said before, I like volatility!

One thing that has got me down is Kraken upping the leverage requirements to some 10 million USD. That is absolutely bonkers! Their fees are still lower so I may still move the operation over to them in the not-too-distant future. I am kind of glad I never got s short strategy working as it would have been rendered useless. I guess I could look at this as one less distraction going forward. I am happy with how my bots are performing currently and now I can focus on optimizing my software and ironing out the kinks. Who knows, I may be able to bring it to market someday.

As discussed earlier my bots are operating as if crypto is in a bear market. That is to say I am not declaring it a bear market but my algos are operating as if this period will historically be one. I see this as a great time to focus on BTC pairs and accumulate sats like its nobody’s business. If this goes on for a year like in 2018 I may be able to finally get my stack to where I want it to be.

All in all, nothing has changed. I am on track for my best year yet and just need to put my nose to the grindstone and focus on getting it all done.

Take care everyone and thanks for stopping by!