I am getting data again of a much higher quality then before! Thank goodness…

The whole pipeline seems to be ready to go. My asset monitor is getting data just as I expect it to, the data is complete and accurate.

I can now press forward.

My Twitter bot seems to have also stopped being a pain in my neck. Hopefully, my fix hold from this point on.

Goals For this Week

Well, this week is going to be a little odd as I am going on vacation, so I will not have access, nor do I want to have access, to my computer for a bit.

Rest assured I will still do my best to post an actual article as I have not done that in quite some time.

The only thing I am contemplating at this moment is weather or not to scale back or shut it all down while I am gone. I subscribe to the theory with systematic trading requires near 100% for the law of big numbers to pan out. I know there are people who shut it all down when they are away, I just do not know if I can be one of them do to not ever having back tested missing a weeks’ worth of time. Yes, this mean I have not run Monte Carlo Testing on my bots. Bite me. I am working on building it into my system it just takes time. The two years of forward testing I have had are currently upholding my confidence in my current process.

Thoughts on the Week (accidental rant)

Elon, you devious villain you…

I would be remiss if I did not mention the crypto community’s latest anti-hero. We love him one minute and hate him the next, but he is part of our ecosystem and we just need to deal with it. Part of the lack of regulation that the crypto community seems to desire, coming from the almost chaotic, anarchist nature of the desire to decentralize finance and cut out the big bag scary governments, it that if they want to, whale can make a splash.


This is what you signed up for when you pressed that buy button, carry your self and your risk accordingly.

I will be the first to admit that I have a bit of survivorship bias due to my bots having made money during his last two episodes of Elon’s Thoughts while my crypto holding sank (by a way larger amount than the bots made for the record). I am a long-term believer and holder of crypto nevertheless I would be remiss (word of the night) not to have designed a bot to take advantage of the consistent and violent volatility that comes with the territory. Whether its eccentric billionaires or governments attempting to regulate or the latest scammer getting caught, the downs will come, they will come fast and they will most certainly hurt.

I am not saying your week for selling, my own long positions all hit their stops and sold off, some with losses as much as 10%! That is the game. If you are a trader, make sure you do not leave yourself exposed to getting wiped out as soon as someone says something silly on the internet. If you are planning on holding for the next ten years, buckle up, log off, and take up wood working. This isn’t even the worst I have seen, and I have only been involved since 2017.

In summery trade with a plan if you are trading and anticipate or at the very least don’t be surprised when things move against you and move against you hard.

Stay safe out there everyone and trade to keep trading.